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Restrictions on fireworks this Diwali

In a bid to curb air pollution, the Supreme Court of India imposed a partial ban on fireworks ahead of the festive season. A two-member bench declined to impose a complete ban on fireworks across the country, but put certain conditions on their sale and use on different occasions, including Diwali.

Considering widespread concerns about air pollution, the bench comprising Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan fixed a time window to use fireworks, a two-hour window between 8 to 10 pm on Diwali. They also gave a 45-minute window between 11:45 pm to 12:30 am on Christmas Eve and New Year.

Announcing the verdict, the apex court also specified that only “green crackers” — which have low smoke emission and permissible sound limits — can be sold through licensed traders. The court also said that e-commerce companies will be held in contempt of court if they listed traders who sell fireworks online.

 The verdict created a huge buzz online and netizens were divided. While many celebrated the order and thanked the court for its orders, others were miffed. While some complained that it will mar celebrations; others said that Diwali is a festival of lights, and not sound and smoke. Some were also confused about where they would find environmentally friendly fireworks. As usual, some used humour to deal with the verdict.

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