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Revealed – 8 Amazing Spices for Health

Spices not only spice up dishes but at the same time they highly beneficial for health… Some spices when used daily gives boost to metabolism, stamina, reduction of cardiovascular diseases and many more..

Mentioned below are the list of spices for health :

  • Cardamom : It is also called “Queen of Spices” and when taken along with ginger it helps in reduction of bloating,acidity, heartburn and gas.
(Pic Courtsey – NatureLoc)
  • Turmeric  – Anti inflammatory and super booster in immunity.
(Pic courtesy – AuthorityNutrition)
  • Black Pepper : It has anti bacterial properties and rich in Vitamin C & K.
Black Pepper
(Pic courtesy – AajKiKhabar )
  • White Pepper : It is life changing spice and it is highly helpful in cancer , bronchitis and stomach upset.
White Pepper
(Pic courtesy – StyleCraze)
  • Cinnamon : It is a magic potion in spice world  and also one the most delicious and healthiest spice on the world.It helps in reduction of blood sugar levels and reduces risk of heart disease.
(Pic courtesy – AlphaCoders)
  • Fenugreek : It helps in weight loss, reduction of sugar levels, dandruff and anemia. It should be taken in moderate quantities initially.
(Pic courtesy – Food)
  • Coriander : This spice is rich in Vitamin C & K and proteins .
(Pic courtesy – Food )
  • Cumin Seeds – Aids in weight loss, digestion and iron supplement.
Cumin Seeds
(Pic courtesy – JuiceForHealth)

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