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Samsung to release Foldable Model in Q3 of this year

Samsung has teased foldable mobile phones for quite some time, but it appears that it will be finally released in 2017. According to the reports, this South Korean company is going to launch its foldable model in Q3 of this year and the company is expected to launch over 1 lakh phones this year.

It is the news that is reported by Korean Herald and it also mention the number units that will be launched in one go.

“Samsung is expected to roll out 100,000 units of fold out devices in the third quarter,” reports Korean Herald. This launch is after years of concept tests by Samsung.

It is said that Samsung upcoming Smartphone will be foldable and opens into 7 inch tablet; it also has a flexible display. Samsung is not in different to the changes as the Samsung S7 has a curved display, which was complete hit in the mobile markets across the world.

As per the inside reports of Samsung , the company is working on the two smart phone foldable models , in which one is expected to release on 2017 and another one is expected to have dual screen Smartphone’s with screens on the both sides and another one with single flexible OLED display.

Moreover, it has been reported LG is also working on Smartphone’s

(Pic Source-The Inquirer)
(Pic Source-The Inquirer)

China’s Xiaomi is also working on the foldable Smartphone technology as they have posted one teaser of 30 sec that reveal they are in process of producing Smartphone’s it appears that world will be flooded with foldable mobiles, it was Lenovo last year who shows off foldable Smartphone which can turned into couple of things like a wearable device and a bendable tablet, also transforms into phablet.

We are not sure about this video authenticity

2017 is going to be known as Foldable Smartphone year.

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