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Sanam – Rock Band, Which Has Rocked YouTube

In this second article, which has featured the skyrocketing success of YouTubers. We are featuring this time, Sanam Rock Band.

Sanam is an Indian Rock band and it has created a huge fan following on Youtube. The lead vocalist Sanam Puri (Guitarist and vocalist), Venky S (Bass Guitarist and Vocals), Keshav Dhanraj ( Drums and Vocals) and the name of their Manager is Ben Thomas.

They have an unique style and known for blending four musical influences. The band is known to be in the top 10 musical band of India and also it has the maximum reaches on YouTube, Wow is only word in my mind.

Each song brings message of peace, love and togetherness and also all three generations, grand parents, parents and children can enjoy music together as the videos are simple and elegant.

(Pic Source : indiatoday)
(Pic Source : indiatoday)

The name Sanam is derived from the Urdu, Hindi and Persian influences and also band has recorded the songs in the following languages too like Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu and Gujarati.

The band was formed under the shadow of Ben Thomas, who has nurtured previous singers too and he has seen calibre in the band and then he decided to groom and nurture this band.

The band sings old classics like, ‘Gulaabi Aankhen’, ’Lag Ja Gale’ ‘Mere Mehboob, which are some of the Golden Oldies. They have 14 million channel views every month and their YouTube subscribers are growing at dramatic pace.

Just listen some songs from Sanam band:

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