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Self-Discovery Questions to Bring You Closer to Learning Who You Are

It’s not always easy to sit down and look inside yourself. If it was, more people would feel a lot better about who they are. In order to really find out more about yourself, ask these simple self-discovery questions. You’ll walk away having learned an awful lot.

1. What do you care about most in life?

Not many people sit down and really digest this one. What’s something you care about the most? Think really hard about this. Is it your family? A passion of yours? A cause? Finding out what this is can help shape your life.

2. How do you feel about death?

This one can be hard for people. But think about your thoughts surrounding death on all fronts. Are you afraid to die? Are you terrified of loved ones dying? What do you think happens afterward? These are all important, deep things to consider about yourself.

3. What’s the most immoral thing someone can do in your mind?

Knowing yourself has a lot to do with your morals. What’s the absolute worst thing a person can do? This will help you discover your moral limits and what the most harmful thing really is to you.

4. What’s the biggest problem with the human race?

There’s just no denying that the human race is pretty messed up. What do you think is the biggest issue we have as a species? Is it the need for power? Is it the fact that we take and take without giving?

This can not only help you see the world in a certain light, it’ll also help shape your actions to be better than the problems we have.

5. Will the world ever find true peace?

Speaking of human issues, do you think there will ever be a time when the human race is at peace? Think deeply about this and you may discover certain things about yourself you didn’t know before.

6. What’s the worst thing you would do morally for someone you love?

If you had to do something awful to protect someone you love, what’s your limit? Knowing this can help you discover something about yourself many people would never even consider.

7. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

If you had to tell someone everything about yourself using only 3 words, what would it be? This shows you the most important things you think about yourself and even what you hope others see in you.

8. How would someone else describe you in 3 words?

This is a lot different simply because we see ourselves differently than other people see us. What do you look like to other people? This will help you see the qualities you put emphasis on in yourself versus what other people really see.

9. What’s something that worries you in life?

We all have worries but what’s your biggest? Figuring this out can help you find a solution for it so you can worry less and live your life a lot more. It can also point out where your stresses come from specifically.

10. What do you need in life to be truly happy?

This is something more people need to think about. What truly makes you happy in life and what is just extra stuff that doesn’t really make a difference? Cutting out that extra stuff can actually help you feel more fulfilled.

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