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Separated twin Kalia undergoes plastic surgery, is stable

Ten days after a rare surgery was conducted to separate them, one of the conjoined twins from Orissa, Kalia, went through a plastic surgery on Saturday to remove the skin flap on his skull. A team of plastic surgeons from Coimbatore was present during the operation, which lasted for nearly two hours. The twins were craniopagus, or had their heads attached.
“Kalia underwent a plastic surgery in which the debridement process was followed by skin grafting, a procedure in which unhealthy skin is replaced by skin obtained from the skin bank,” a senior doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said.
The surgery was performed by a team of doctors, including Dr Deepak Kumar Gupta, Professor of Neurosurgery, Dr Maneesh Singhal, HOD of the plastics, reconstructive and burns surgery at AIIMS, and Dr Rajeev Sharma, assistant professor of neurosurgery.
The child is still on the ventilator, while his brother, Jagga, was taken off the machine on Wednesday and moved to a private ward with his parents on Saturday. Kalia will remain on the ventilator for two more weeks.
According to a statement released by AIIMS: “Jagga has been taken off the ventilator. He is conscious, recognises his mother, and responds to questions. His cardiac and kidney function has improved. He is stable and shifted to a private ward. Kalia is on ventilator and his condition is stable. All his parameters are normal but he is expected to be kept in ICU for a longer period.”
In one of the rarest surgeries in the country, the craniopagus twins from Orissa were separated in an 18-hour procedure by a group of 30 specialists. The surgery started on October 25 at 9 am and got over the next day, at 3 am. On October 19, Jagga showed some problem in his heart function and his condition started to deteriorate, after which the surgery was planned.

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