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Shah Rukh Khan: I am becoming gentler with age

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan views his achievements and success in terms of how gentle he can be towards people and to become a thorough gentleman would be a big accomplishment for the actor.

“When you reach this age, what you want is your children to be healthy. My way of thinking and sentiments have changed over the last few years. As I am aging, I am becoming gentler, towards everyone including you all. I just feel really gentle towards people,” the actor, who turned 52 today, told media here during an interaction in a suburban hotel.

The actor said being gentle and patient towards people is something that he is looking forward to. “Achievements, success will follow when we do good films. I have other businesses also, which are doing well. But I think for me achievements and successes are about how gentle I can be towards people, how much patience I can have and how much love I can give to people.”

“That’s the genuine truth, really… So, yeah when I become a thorough gentleman, that will be big achievement,” he said. Shah Rukh celebrated his birthday with family and close friends from the industry at his Alibaugh farmhouse. He came from the coastal town in the noon and greeted the waiting fans outside his bungalow, Mannat.

“I wish I was here at night, but I’ve to spend time with family too so I have to be away. I kept getting videos of people being here and bursting crackers, which is not a good thing nowadays I’ve heard. But yes it’s very touching.” He considers his fans’ love nothing but a big blessing.

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