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Should You Have Meaningless Sex? Signs to Know if It’s for You!

There’s nothing wrong with having hot, pointless romps with someone you find sexy – so long as you’re of sound mind. Here’s how you can determine if having meaningless sex is a bad idea.

1. You just got out of a serious relationship. This is usually the time most people want to have meaningless sex and it’s by far the worst. You just got out of a serious relationship. Your feelings are raw and real and you can’t just hop into bed with people.

Because that sex won’t be meaningless. It’ll serve a very specific purpose and that’s to fill a void you recently acquired. You’ll get attached. And if you don’t, you’ll feel even emptier when this fling ends.

2. They have feelings for you. Even if it’s meaningless to you, it’s not to someone else. That’s not a good recipe when it comes to sex. They could get clingy and make things uncomfortable and then you’ll have to deal with the fallout. Just avoid having sex when you don’t feel the same for someone.

3. You have feelings for them. This is also a terrible idea. You should never have sex with someone and claim it’s meaningless when it definitely means something to you. They might not care and they might think it’s pointless, but it’s not. No matter what, don’t try to convince yourself otherwise when you feel for them.

4. It feels like a big deal. If this sex feels like a big deal but you can’t quite pinpoint why, you shouldn’t be doing it. Meaningless sex is just that – it means nothing. You should be able to go about your life as if nothing is happening.

If you feel like something major is going on even though you’re not sure why, don’t continue with it. There are some feelings going on about the meaningless sex and that makes it exactly the opposite of what it should be.

5. You have self-esteem issues. There are a lot of people who sleep around, claiming that it doesn’t mean anything when really, they need the validation. They feel bad about themselves – except when they’re having pointless sex with someone.

Except there is a point to it. You want to feel better about yourself. Sex is the most toxic way you can try to boost your confidence because it never works. In fact, it might derail it more in the long run.

6. You have a lot of stress problems. Sex is a great stress reliever, but not when stress is taking over your life. When you turn to sex to solve your problems instead of healthier methods, it won’t help you. Avoid having meaningless sex when you have more important things to worry about.

7. You still want a relationship. It doesn’t have to be with the person you’re sleeping with, obviously. But if you do want a relationship with someone, having pointless sex with people isn’t the best idea.

It sets you up for failure and keeps you from finding someone who really does want a relationship. Plus, it increases the odds of you catching feelings for the other person.

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