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Signs You’re a Radical Feminist & Don’t Know It

1. You think that a bra is “the man’s” way of keeping you chained down. Bras are way too confining for your girls.

2. You think cooking dinner is offensive since it is traditionally “woman’s work.” It isn’t that you can’t, you just don’t want to be held down.

3. You haven’t been touched by a razor. Legs and armpits are made with hair for a reason.

4. You think that girls have no obligation to smell good. No one is going to tell you how you can smell.

5. Curves are something that your clothes should hide, not accentuate. Clothes aren’t for showing off your assets, they are utilitarian.

6. You think conditioner was an invention a man made to rip you off. Let your hair be frizzy, that is your prerogative as a woman.

7. You won’t be in a skirt anytime sooner than the guy next door. Skirts are just breezy pants to make women suffer.

8. Pink. To a feminazi, it is like nails on a chalkboard.

9. You think flirting is a useless tool that demeans women. Flirting is a waste of your time. A guy should like you for what’s on your mind, not in your pants.

10. When you have a baby shower you make it unisex, even if you know the sex. Let’s not be labelling genders.

11. You hate Barbie. She couldn’t even be real if she wanted to.

12. You think it is totally okay for boys to play with dolls, but you don’t want to. Dolls are too frilly and cliche.

13. Purses make you mad, especially the kind that cost a lot. What a waste of baggage.

14. You believe that a woman can do ANYTHING that a man can do. I can even have a baby without men thanks to science.

15. High heels were an invention created to hurt a woman’s back and to make her look cheapened in the workplace. Until you see your male colleagues sporting stilettos, it ain’t gonna happen for you.

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