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Sinus Leads to Depression

In a recent study, it has been revealed that the chronic sinus can be the root cause of Depression. When we have stuffy nose for months, we often feel little low and own and in the surprising study it leads to depression.

Sinus Problem
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Almost one fourth of people who have chronic sinus are suffering from depression. You might be wondering, what is the connection between your sinus inflammation and depression?

Here are some of the facts:

When we have chronic sinus, it often creates pressure around our forehead, cheeks and around eyes. The discharge from nose is thick and yellowish in colour. Other symptoms are jaw ache, sore throat and ear discharge.

The reason of having sinus is also various as sometimes we have seasonal allergy or cold. but the condition is worse when the walls of the nostrils are swelled and the inhalation process is not being done.

During our sleep, if we have sinus problem than we often breathe through mouth and the snoring is common during sleep. It causes the drying out of the nostrils preventing the filtering of air and also the moistening the air. This all are main causes of high level of sleep disturbance.

For no depression and no sinus, the nasal passage has to be clear and the air.

Together all these symptoms can worsen depression:

  1. Chronic sinus causes inflammation and it also leads to sleep deprivation, dizziness and lethargy. As we see that when the nostrils are blocked the breathing process, exhalation and inhalation is suffered a lot. It leads to lack of breathing which is main anxiety and depression.
  1. When we sleep less and breathe less it is quite significant that it will lead to depression.
  1. Pain behind eye socket, cheeks and forehead which creates pressure on our face can be seen. Many people have several histamines allergies and when the allergens attack the body releases allergens during attack that leads to inflammation.
  1. As weeks drag on the sinus, it becomes chronic and further increasing the problems and often the discomfort takes the toil.
  1. You have sinus and that leading to depression this is worse that can happen. The patients who have both having a feeling of pain whereas the other patients don’t have.
  1. Visit of doctor become more frequent and more use antibiotic also leads to both the conditions.
  1. According to analysis, the patients have these have more anxiety and depression and the quality of life becomes detonated as you tend to spend more time at home rather than office.

When you have both, chronic sinus and depression the conditions can be worse it is good to get proper medical treatment from the certified doctor and have a treatment.

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