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Small and Simple Pleasures in Life most of us Overlook

That is all that life really is, a series of moments that stretch together. If you stop trying so hard to get to the end game, you might just find that you can enjoy the ride to get there.

The things that we used to find so much pleasure in seem so immature, silly, and like a waste of time. But, the simple pleasures in life are about remembering what it was like when everything was new, to be explored, no fear, and reckless abandonment of the heart and soul.

If you haven’t been doing these things, then you are most certainly missing out on the simple pleasures in life. These are the best ways to find the inner child and pure bliss just upon opening your eyes in the morning.

1. Catch fireflies. I forgot how much fun summer was, running from one end of the backyard to the next trying to catch fireflies. Just for the hell of it, get a jar and collect some fireflies to sit by your dining table in the backyard. Just don’t forget to put a hole in the lid top!

2. Jump in puddles. When you see the rain coming, instead of looking for an umbrella, hit the outdoors and run around in the water. Find the biggest puddles and jump in every one of them. You would be surprised how much fun being in the rain can be when no one is telling you, “at-at-ah.”

3. Do the monkey bars. If you can still pull it off, try your hand at the monkey bars. Not as easy as it used to be, there is still a silly accomplishment to making it to the end of them, hands burning and all.

4. Swing like super hard- then jump off. Swing as high as you can, like to the point where you think the swing stands are going to come right out of the ground, and just when you are at the top… jump high into the air. If you can convince someone to do an underdog for you, even better. But, don’t try this simple pleasure of life if you’re drunk because it could end in disaster for everyone.

5. Jump in a cold lake right when the weather gets warm. The first day of summer at the lake was the best time ever when we were little. When the weather got above 65 degrees outside, the lake water was still well below that, but we didn’t care. That first plunge is like taking in air for the first time. A total shock to the system, it is one of the simple pleasures in life that isn’t ever to be forgotten.

6. Ride the waves. There is something completely and utterly freeing about riding the waves. Whether it is at a water park in a wave pool or the real thing, hop in and let the waves take you away. Being reckless, and the sensation of not having to always be in control, is one of the best simple pleasures in life.

7. Take a road trip… to nowhere special. Take a road trip to nowhere. Just you out on the open road, put the top down, and let your hair flap in the breeze. There’s nothing more freeing. And for additional fun, let someone else drive and stand up to enjoy the ride along an old country road. Where you end up is anyone’s guess, which only makes the experience that much more amazing.

8. Visit an old friend. Remember that friend who always cheered you up and made you feel like your second-grade self? Stop face timing or emailing them and get in the car to go visit. Have an entire weekend of doing nothing special, while at the same time, everything you do together is special. It makes memories for a lifetime.

9. Go for ice cream. Forget the calorie count and go for ice cream. In fact, have a double scoop or a banana split before you finish your dinner.

10. Light a sparkler and twirl it around. Wait until it’s dark and twirl a sparkler around. The light is mesmerizing and will most assuredly return you to your grammar school days on a hot 4th of July summer night.


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