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Soba Noodle soup


1. 10 gm Bonito flakes

2. 100 gm soba noodles

3. 30 ml mirin

4. 30 ml light soya sauce

5. Salt to taste

6. 50 gm spring onion

7. 50 gm bean sprout

8. Half sheet noori sheet

9. 2 eggs

10. 80 gm chicken

11. 20 gm sugar.


1. Take a wok, then add some water and add the Bonito flakes to make a stock out of it.

2. Give a boil and keep it aside.

3. In the same wok boil soba noodles and drain the noodle and set aside.

4. Heat the oven, cut the Noori sheet into 02 cm strips and toast the Noori sheet.

5. Cut the Chicken breast into small dices and keep it aside.

6. In the wok add the stock of the Bonito flakes, and then add Mirin, light soya, sugar, chicken dices, bean sprouts, salt and soba noodle.

7. Then beat the egg with a whisk until it gets frothy.

8. And then add to the boiling soup in three rounds.

9. Then portion the soup into the soup bowl and garnish with coriander, Scallions and Nori sheet. Serve hot.

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