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Some of the Best Mirchi Murga from RJ Naved

RJ Naved is an entertainer, TV Host and the Radio Jockey. He is both witty and quirky in his communication. His impeccable style of humour had contributed to his success. Best known for his show; Mirchi Murga and Delhi ka Don, both were aired on 98.3 FM. He also won the best IRF award. One more award, he won for three times is the Best Sparkler Comedy Award.
About the childhood of RJ Naved , he had started the art of mimicking people at very early age and took the profession of RJ on the serious notes and he joined 98.3 FM and he become famous after with his show Mirchi Murga.
Mirchi Murga, a teaser by RJ Naved is also an ultimate hit and his witty and quirky jokes and is big hit with the listeners. In this, he makes Murga of the listener by acting someone else. This is hilarious and RJ Naved never tries to hurt the sentiments of the caller.
Some of his famous audios, from his show Mirchi Murga which is performed by RJ Naved are below:











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