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Stray Dogs Ka Rakshak – Mumbai Cobbler Takes Care of Stray Despite Poverty and Struggles

Featured story of a Mumbai based poor cobbler who does not earn much but has heart of gold that many people don’t have even after earning millions.

He loves stray dogs as his own family and he has total number of 15 dogs.

Manoj Purbhe , aged 46 and his occupation is Cobbler , now not many can be seen due to advent of western culture into India but prior one can see cobblers at any street end.

(Pic Source : Yourstory)
(Pic Source : Yourstory)

Manoj is running a shoe mending shop from past 15 years but he is not much famous for that in fact he is known as stray dog’s saviour and even Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, leaves stray dogs with Manoj Purbe.

How it Began

It all started with Julie 9 and Moti 10, who were running here and there around his shop around 10 year ago. Manoj took care of them and now he is taking care of 15 puppies in the locality that includes the offspring’s of Julie and Moti also.

(Pic Source : yourstory)
(Pic Source : yourstory)

Campaign for Manoj’s Dogs

He has exceptional care for dogs and this is evident from the fact that he take care of everyone’s meal timings too. But it not that residents of Mumbai of are not noticing him, they regularly give him milk, biscuits and meat for the dogs.

(Pic Source : YourStor)
(Pic Source : YourStor)

Manoj had a major setback during demonetization and now he was facing major setback, but with the help of the residents he went ahead through the troubled water too. In the end he thanks everyone for the support and help they give him and his stray pets.

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