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Summertime Diet and Lifestyle Changes For Clear, Glowing Skin

When your skin cells don’t have adequate moisture content, the texture and appearance of your skin suffers. You will notice more fine lines, your face will feel tight, and the skin’s function of providing a barrier is compromised.
In addition to treating dehydration on the surface with proper cleansing and moisturizing, you need to shift what you eat and simple things in your daily life to have the best looking skin possible.

1. Drink plenty of water.
Water should be at room temperature and consumed in between meals. Your body is better able to absorb water that is not ice cold.

2. Skip the caffeine and alcohol.
They remove water from your body.

3. Limit your intake of table salt.
This leads to further dehydration of the cell moisture, not to mention bloating, which never goes well with your new bikini.

4. Let your fish oil in!
Taking a daily dosage of fish oil will provide numerous health benefits. Some of them being that it will help hold the moisture in your skin cells and it may also help protect against sun damage.

5. While blow drying your hair, aim it away from your face and reduce the temperature.

6. Limit direct exposure to air conditioning.
This also means that you should not sleep with your AC blasting on you all night. Instead, set timers for your units and alternate with regular fans.

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