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Super Fun Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Strippers

Did you make a pact not to have strippers at your bachelor party? Good for you. Here are some bachelor party ideas that don’t involve naked ladies.

Planning the perfect bachelor party is hard. This is especially true when you’re straddling the line between an over-the-top stripper rave and a dull round of golf between you and your buddies. Bachelor parties have turned into a ritual. Strippers, nightclubs, and over-the-top drinking are thought of as the norm when it comes to bachelor party ideas. In reality, your bachelor party should consist of you and your buddies doing something that you love.

1. A road trip. Not all bachelor party ideas that involve a road trip have to arrive in Las Vegas. A getaway weekend is a perfect way to celebrate the last of the groom’s singlehood. Explore underwater caves, swim in crystal blue waters, zip-line, or explore ancient ruins.

2. Guy’s night in. Just because your night is low-key doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have a kickass guy’s night in by doing a Local Area Network party and hooking your computers up together or use your Xbox/Playstation for an epic gaming night.

If you’re not into gaming, try a movie night. Choose dude sagas like Rocky, Star Wars, or the National Lampoon movies to make your night seem extra grand. Guy’s night in must-haves include chips, pizza, beer, and wings.

3. Tickets, tickets, tickets. Really, bachelor party ideas don’t have to be complicated. Buying tickets to an upcoming event is a great way to spend your last night as a bachelor and can accommodate a large or small group of your buddies. Here are just some ideas of tickets you can buy: Magic show/Cirque De Sole, Theme park, Concert, Medieval Times, Murder Mystery, Flying a mini-plane, Riding shotgun in a race car, Head to a shooting range, Escape Room.

4. Sports in three ways. A: If the groom likes sports, why not have a viewing event to be remembered? Get your favorite junk food, loads of alcohol, plenty of snacks, and gather round the biggest TV you can find and get your game on.

B: If watching sports doesn’t hold a big enough wow factor for a bachelor party, why not get box seats to the groom’s favorite sports team? Be sure to do your fill of tailgating, and get your drink on beforehand to ensure you have a wild, competitive night.

C: If watching sports isn’t up the groom’s alley, why not get a group of buddies together and play them yourselves? Put together a baseball/hockey/football/soccer team and get ready to kick some ass.

5. Camping trip. A guy’s camping weekend is the ultimate macho experience. Camp tent-style under the stars and engage in all the activities that go along with it. This includes swimming, hunting, kayaking, fishing, water sports, white water rafting, building fires, and drinking plenty of beer.

6. Paintball. As long as health and body allow, paintballing is always a good idea. This activity brings out your competitive side and gets your adrenaline pumping! Just make sure if it’s the day before the wedding, don’t hit the groom in the face.

7. Do something dangerous. Preform death-defying stunts in front of your closest friends. If you’ve ever wanted to jump out of a plane, bungee jump, rent an ATV, scuba dive, or do anything else that may risk your life in the process – the night before your wedding is definitely the time to get it done. Hey, at least someone will be witness to your madness and be able to explain to your wife what happened when she’s visiting you at the hospital!

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