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Surprising Facts About QUEEN ELIZEBETH II

In addition to live in the lap of the royal luxury, the Queen Elizabeth has some weird additional powers that will leave you perplexed. There is some uniqueness to become a Monarch, though it is not an easy task to become a Monarch of United Kingdom, a daunting profession. But there are some privileges to become the Monarch; one is much less paper works (sans driving license and passports).

Here are 10 most unusual powers of being Her Majesty:

  1. Privilege to Drive without License

She is the only person in UK who doesn’t need a license or a number plate legally. Interestingly, Queen learned driving during World War II, where she drove a First Aid truck for the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Services.

(Pic Source - AutoBlog Queen)
(Pic Source – AutoBlog Queen)
  1. She does not need a Passport

Although all the members of the UK royalty, needs a passport but the Queen does not a passport as all the passport in the UK are issued in her name so she does not need one.

(Pic Source - Twitter)
(Pic Source – Twitter)
  1. She Celebrates two Birthdays in a Year

This is something really amazing; Queen celebrates two birthdays real one on April 21 and her official birthday on a Saturday in June.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Wall Street Journal)
  1. Queen has her Personal Cash Machine

In the Buckingham Palace, Queen has her own cash machine installed courtesy Posh Bank, Coutts.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Times)
  1. All Thames Swans are owned by her

Queen owns all the swans on the river Thames and there is a special ceremony on the river Thames called Swans Upping, which takes places annually which is conducting a Census of swans.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Wpnature)
  1. No Tax for the Queen

Queen does not have to pay tax but she voluntarily paid tax in 1992.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Naples Herald)
  1. She has her own Poet

Queen has her own poet and the current poet Laureate of Queen is Carol Ann Duffy. This position is given to the poet whose work is recognized on the national significance.

(Pic Source -)
(Pic Source – Chapintv)
  1. She heads her own Religion

Along with the head of Royal title, the Queen is also head of the Church of England. This also means that she cannot convert to any other religion or church and if she does, she will be removed from her title can be removed and another head will be appointed.

(Pic Source PA)
(Pic Source PA)
  1. Never can be Arrested

Queen can never be arrested and she and her family are also being spared from the Freedom of Information Requests, means no access of their information.

(Pic Source - The New York Times)
(Pic Source – The New York Times)
  1. She has to Sign the Laws

Without the consent of the Queen, it cannot be debated in the Parliament and it is known as the Queen’s Consent.

(Pic Source - BBC)
(Pic Source – BBC)

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