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Sushil Kumar is My Idol, Says Babita Phogot

The 26-year-old wrestler, Babita Phogat, was part of a free self-defence workshop.

“First and foremost my idol has been my father. He is the real star and real hero. And after him, Sushil Kumar is my idol. He inspired me after winning a medal in 2008 (at Beijing Olympics),” Babita said after inaugurating a two-day yoga and self-defence workshop for women, organised by Akshar Yoga and Chikkaballapur MLA Dr K Sudhakar, in Bangaluru.

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“All the kids across India say that they want to grow up and become Geeta and Babita and wake up at 5 am. Some of them have even gone to the akhadas and are giving wrestling a shot. So many parents who used to keep their girls under ghoonghat (veil) have now changed and are letting their girls go out. This thing possible only after Dangal movie has released. Now people know what my father had faced alone, but he never gave up. He made us to realize our potential. He is a good coach and an emotional father also.” says a delighted Babita.

She said about her wedding plans, “I can get married anytime but I cannot get stronger in my game anytime later. It has to be done now. I have a lifetime to get married.

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