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Best Travel Experiences In Your 20s That You’d Only Want To Do With Your Best Friends


Let’s be honest: Long flights have been keeping you from travelling to some of the top destinations on your bucket list. You’ve watched your favourite influencers head to places like Bali and Thailand, and dreamed about making the trip yourself. But, you have to be on a plane for how long? Ugh!

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Big Perks of Having a Guy Best Friend in Your Life

1. They’re expert text decoders. Women often try to interpret the seemingly straightforward but possibly subtly cryptic texts they get from guys. Why isn’t there a smiley face? Why did he say “hey there” instead of just “hi”? Why did he take three hours to respond to your text? Your girlfriends can be speculating about all sorts of scenarios and hidden meanings behind these texts.

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What do guys think of their female friends?

1. She is hot. Yes, unless she is half ogre, he likely thinks her attractive. But that is no reason to worry or freak out. You can be attracted to someone without ever acting on it and without having actual romantic feelings. Unless he is a cheater, he can think someone is hot without acting on it. I’m sure you do it all the time.

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Books are Man’s Best Friend

Man cannot live alone. He needs friends. Something he loves must. Therefore, he likes to live in the company of men or in the company of animals. There are some who love the company of Nature. There are also those who loved the company of books.

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Ways to Help a Sad Friend

1. Talk to them. Of course, the most obvious and important thing to do to help someone who feels sad is to talk to them. Sit them down and tell them you are here to listen to them and help them talk through whatever it is upsetting them. Sometimes just being a good listener is all you really need to do.

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