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Teary Tribute To Fidel Castro

Cuba’s long time revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died at the age of 90.the news was announced by his brother Raul who is nation’s President in a shaking voice.

Raul younger brother of Fidel Castro become President, eight year ago due to ailing health of Fidel Castro.

When we speak about Fidel Castro, he  was not only the leader but was a fire band who transformed Marxist revolution in Cuba with the help of his determination and passion. A man who survived 600 assassination attempts now rests in peace.

(Pic Source- Google)
(Pic Source- Google)

Fidel Castro was born on 13 August, 1926 in Oriente Province in eastern Cuba. His father Angel was wealthy landowner. He was from Spain and his mother Lina was a maid to Angel’s first wife.

Fidel had his education in the Jesuit schools and then earned a Law degree from University of Havana in 1950.He later became attorney and offered free legal services to the poor.

Later he bought revolution Cuba by attacking Moncada Military barracks in Santiago and earned a 15 year sentence in prison. This also made him famous in Cuba and when asked in court about the sentence, Castro said, “Condemn me, it doesn’t matter. History will absolve me.”

And rest as they say is history and Cuba had a passionate young Marxist rebel who transformed Cuba.

“There are few people in the history who had more profound impact on the single country like Fidel Castro,” Robert Pastor, a former security advisor to US President Jimmy Carter in 1970 said in 2012.

Fidel Castro was the primary revolution in Cuba; he left his mark in the Cold War Era. During that time Fidel Castro conducted a major revolution in Cuba and the big Daddy Soviet Union supported the move.

Source: CNN

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