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The 10 best Sidney Sheldon novels

Hollywood producer and American writer, Sidney Sheldon has been a crime fiction and thriller writer, an unmatched idol among millions of readers. He is famous for his spicy thrillers that are covered with emotion, envy, crime, and mystery.

                                                                             The Naked Face

The first novel written by Sidney Sheldon is The Naked Face. This novel has won numerous awards and two top movies have been made based on the novel. The Naked Face is about Judd Stevens, a psychotherapist. He needs to find out of a killer or else he will be arrested for a murder. This spicy thriller portrays the tale of a doctor who discovers two of his fellows murdered and he has to inspect his patients.  One of the patients may be liable for troubled actions.

                                                                                 If Tomorrow Comes

Attractive and high-minded Tracy Whitney is given a 15-year punishment in a prison. With marvelous dexterity, she avenges to devastate the untouchable crime bosses who send her in the prison. With her cleverness and good looks as her only defense, Tracy Whitney takes up a course of amazing experiences that move her around the world. In a heated encounter, Tracy contacts her match in irresistible Jeff Stevens, whose history is as interesting as Tracy’s.  


Bloodline is Sheldon’s extravagant story of selfishness and disloyalty, destruction and jeopardy, and the associations that can cause death.  Roffe and Sons is a family run company, a multinational company having anxious and selfish relatives and family members. The organization’s boss was one of the richest men in the world, and he had expired in a strange mishap. His only daughter, Elizabeth, now runs the company. This smart, determined, and attractive young woman who ventures to save the company from selling, she will have to outsmart those who mysteriously want her position and authority and the mysterious hit man who wants to kill her.

                                                                        Tell Me Your Dreams

Computer expert Ashley Patterson is confident she is being chased. Colleague Toni Prescott has a liking for online dating and less time for anybody else. Alette Peters likes to spend peaceful week offs with her lover. They do not know anything about each other – as far as the three women are connected by a murder inquiry that will bring about one of the weirdest trials of the century.    

                                                                    Memories of Midnight

The story is about Catherine Douglas, accident-hit and facing memory loss, who intentionally attempts to come back to actual life. With an objective to oppose her husband’s assassin, the threatening Greek shipping magnate Constantin Demiris, Catherine gets into the untroubled areas of post-war Europe, where Constantin Demitris is stalking her.

Master of the Game

The prosperous and influential Kate Blackwell has mediated her wealth into a multinational organization. A courageous character, Kate has been relentless that would come between her aspirations become factual. Holding a shadowy history and determined future, Kate Blackwell plays as the master of the game every time.

Nothing lasts forever

This medical thriller depicts the difficult lives of three female doctors, each doctor possessing a history of their own. Later on, the first doctor dies, the second doctor is close to achieving the hospital shut down. And the third encounter the death sentence for murder.  It exposes the desires and concerns of healers and assassins, lover and betrayers.

Rage of Angels

This novel is about Jennifer Garner, a lawyer whose life takes an unforeseen turn when she is fallaciously charged with being associated with the Mafia. Venturing to save her son’s life, Jennifer gets caught up in the illegal relations of the Mafia and the boss Moretti himself.  

Windmills of the Gods

This spicy thriller is regarding the life of a young lecturer of Eastern Europe Studies and a mother. She is designated the United States Ambassador to an Iron Curtain country. Mary Ashley, the character, quickly finds that someone is out to murder her. She should identify who the killer is and the reason behind the deal.

The Doomsday Conspiracy

The novel is regarding Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence who is sent on a confidential mission. A weather balloon bringing confidential military data has gone down in Switzerland and Robert Bellamy has to uncover the 10 witnesses to the situation in order that they can be confirmed to confidentiality.  

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