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The 5 most obvious signs of midlife crisis in women

From having irrational emotional moments to spending more time on herself and even having trouble sleeping or becoming anxious are all ways a woman’s midlife crisis manifests itself.

1. She may become more self conscious.

Whether she has always worried about her looks and has just recently taken a deeper interest in beauty or has a new unlikely worry regarding her vanity this could signal a midlife crisis.

Now it is not uncommon for a woman to worry about wrinkles or grey hairs. But if she consistently touches up grey’s, invests in expensive wrinkle creams, or even considers plastic surgery this could mean midlife crisis.

2. She feels empty.

Around the time many women hit their midlife, their kids are grown or out of the house. This could be the first time in nearly two decades that she is no longer a caretaker.

Whether dealing with adjusting to an empty nest or just has more free time, she may question what her purpose is now.

3. Does she go out more?

As previously stated, this might be the first time she has had free time and a lessened sense of responsibility. Not only is she deciding what to do with that time and worrying about how to adjust to that, but she may take that time to go out and enjoy herself.

Whether that means going to the movies alone or out on the town with gals, she wants to make the most of some of the things she may not have been able to do.

4. Is her behavior changing?

When a woman goes through a midlife crisis she may finally feel a sense of freedom. Although she loved the last twenty or so years, she has paid her dues and deserves a break.

So whether she decides to stop cooking a full dinner every night but rather orders out or even dresses with a new style, she may just be giving herself the life she has been away from for many years.

5. She has a newfound dream.

Women tend to put their careers and dreams on hold to focus on their family. And if this is the case, she may finally have the confidence and time to fulfill those aspirations. And even if she doesn’t this midlife crisis could push her to make the time for herself.

Whether she wants to go back to college and get her degree, start painting, or traveling around the world, she didn’t get a chance to do these things when she was younger. Now is her chance.

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