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The 7 Layers of the Human Aura Energy Field

There are seven major layers to the aura; the simplest approach to determine and find out these layers is to unite every layer with one of the seven major chakras.

Seven major layers
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  • The Initial Layer – The Etheric Body:

The initial field is termed the etheric aura. The indicated layer is the environmental design of the body. It encompasses around ½ an inch up to 3 inches from the outer of the skin and keeps knowledge regarding our environmental well-being. This layer associates mainly with our initial chakra, our glands, organs and heights. Similar to the base or root chakra, it relates to the physical condition, durability and preservation of the environmental body. Real indications of disability and damage can be observed in this layer. The etheric layer is a main element of our immune system and generally seems to visible scene as an azure or gloomy light. This is generally the simplest layer to look at and the initial layer observed.

The Initial Layer - The Etheric Body
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  • The Second Layer – The Emotional Body:

This layer associates to your desires and limitations; feelings inside us and feelings we possess for another person surrounding us. The emotional layer is generally observed as a rising accumulation of power encompassing the body. Spreading around one to three inches from our body, the emotional layer of the aura supports feelings and thoughts. That is the chariot with the help of which we hit upon thoughts in addition to passionate presence. It is mainly linked to our second chakra (the Holy Chakra). As continually modifying, the second space of aura resonate our present frame of mind. This space can show up fairly disheveled once unenthusiastic thoughts and disturbing obstructions are there. Troubles in this layer can have unhelpful after-effects at any moment in the 3rd and 1st layers.

The Second Layer - The Emotional Body
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  • The Third Layer – The Mental Body:

The third aura is well-known as mental layer. This layer supports and administrates the procedures linked with our principal convictions, our intuitions, secret potential and strength. That is the layer of beliefs and thoughts. This layer is generally most observable all over the skull and shoulders such as a yellow radiance. It is in this layer that reflection and feeling really turn out to be validated. This layer is generally considerably simple to observe. It will actually be obvious once you watch some person meditating or focusing. As linked to our third chakra (Solar central nervous system), it increases anyplace from three to eight inches from our body. That layer carries our beliefs, plans and psychological operations. Together the cognizant and lifeless minds are lively – it in no way relaxes except we are concentrating. In this layer, thoughts and ideas are updated and authenticated.

The Third Layer - The Mental Body
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  • The Fourth Layer – The Astral Body:

The fourth layer is called the astral layer which spreads out around one foot. It is connected with the heart chakra, making and transfiguring the power of passion for people near us together with the humankind. In case the initial three layers of our aura reproduce the corporal character and existence, this fourth layer is the skylight to our spiritual existence. This layer indicates the disconnection between the physical layers and the superior layers. That harmonizes among the physical and religious life form. This layer is accountable for communication between people. It is the layer of worship and of relations – Your association with others, physically, and your physical body.

The Fourth Layer - The Astral Body
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  • The Fifth Layer – The Conceptual Body:

The etheric model is the fifth layer, protruding about two feet external; the aura unites with the fifth chakra, sound, communication, quivering and imagination. This layer is the religious part of us formed at beginning, it is part of the gene of that exclusive person. This etheric body is a replica of the physical body on a superior level. It is the fundamental model of your individuality and internal uniqueness. This layer helps mainly as a replica of our physical body on the religious plane. The windpipe chakra is the control of changing our thinking into statement, paying attention in addition to taking responsibility for each deed. It stands for the celestial glimmer and abides our elevated identity

The Fifth Layer - The Conceptual Body
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  • The Sixth Layer – The Celestial Body:

The sixth layer of the aura replicates our unconscious intelligence. It is recognized as the celestial layer which increases around two to three feet distant from our body. This layer links with the sixth chakra, the Third Eye. It is where our real intelligence comes to association with the religious intelligence through devotional methods and concentration. We reach at this condition with the help of concentration and spiritual effort understanding that there is really no division between all other creatures and ourselves. That layer also captivates the occurrences of having a link to something bigger than ourselves. This layer is the body of the sensitive level on the divine position. It is the layer of crowd awareness, feeling, and it is the grade of connection with additional life forms.

The Sixth Layer - The Celestial Body
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  • The Seventh Layer – The Ketheric or Casual Layer (The Soul):

The last layer is termed the causal layer or ketheric layer. This layer can go on to above three feet which encompasses and controls all additional layers jointly. Resonating at the zenithal degrees, the seventh layer shows all the incidents and occasions that our spirits have experienced, whether in the current life span or in former existences. The ketheric layer is the bond to divinity, deity, resource, or maker and turning out to be the united with the world. This layer shows the heavenly inside us and our link with god. This is the cerebral layer of the religious level, it is our religious model. With the help of this layer we unite and turn out to be one with strength of mind, the component that by no means passes away it only develops to superior levels. With the help of this layer we can get all-inclusive information and it has all the reminiscence of all previous lives together religious and bodily.

The Seventh Layer - The Ketheric or Casual Layer (The Soul)
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