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The Difference Between Lingerie And Undergarments?

For starters, lingerie wear is an undergarment, but the reverse is not always true. Comfort is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of lingerie because it isn’t about that. It is meant to make you feel good, attractive and also sensuous. Wearing lingerie for your partner is cliched! Women buy and wear lingerie all the time, maybe not as often as they want to, considering the price but that has changed. The high prices are justified because of the fabrics used. They come in luxurious silk, chiffon, lace, and lycra. The designs are intricate and worth every penny you spend. I’d say we all deserve it and should go on a guilt-free trip as often as we can.

Different Types Of Lingerie

1. Garter Belt

Have you been meaning to try something like this? We all must have seen a picture like this at some point, and I have to admit that it looked complicated and far-fetched to me. But, it’s not. A garter belt is something that holds your stockings tight, which otherwise can be uncomfortable. They come with four straps and are usually paired with a corset, bodysuit and bustier sets. You could wear these with skirt, dresses, etc. and skip wearing undergarments. The stockings are snug and intact works both ways. Plus it feels great to wear lingerie even when you’re not showing it out. You should try this one out, especially if you’re new to lingerie.

2. Camisoles

I don’t even know that Cami could be categorized as lingerie. Camis are more like a practical choice of lingerie. They are used as an everyday essential by most women—combining the slip and a bra, but also come in fancy options too. A fully laced cami with a matching panty makes an impressive set. It can be worn under your shirt when you go out, or tease your partner in the night. Either way, it’s a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe

3. Matching Sets

I don’t know about you but for me, matching lingerie is unique and rare. I usually do not have the time and patience, at least I used to think until I realized that it could instantly make you feel like a princess and lift your mood up. There’s something so sensual about them that I’d hate for you to miss. They might seem expensive, but they’re worth every penny you invest. If not always, have a few for rainy days (you know what I mean!).

4. Corsets

Women always had a thing for corsets, because they magically reduce your waist size and camouflage any unwanted bulge. The tie-able lace that is used to fasten it intact enhances your hourglass figure further if you have one. Or gives it a nice curve for the not-so-hourglass figures as well. You can wear this as a regular top or cover it up with a sheer or transparent dress that does not take away the look completely but hides it, just enough.

5. Bustiers

A lingerie design which is not very different from the corset. However, the focus for this lies on uplifting the bust. It gives a curvy and firmness to the breasts and works more like a push bra. These come with eyes that can be hooked at the back to accentuate the shape further.

6. Teddy

Are you a fan of bikini? Here’s something for you. For those of you who cannot sport a bikini, why not wear something that feels just as good. Teddy is a pleasurable combination of a cami (or a bra) and panty, but more like a bathing suit. You can get these in two-piece and different fabrics like lace, satin, lycra, leather, etc. These are usually not padded, but there’s enough support from the underwires.

7. Nightgowns

Are you someone who just cannot sleep without comfortable clothing? Take it one step ahead and go with a gratifying lingerie nightgowns. They are flimsy, soft and sensuous. You can get these in many variants like short, long, backless, sleeveless, etc. It is a matter of choice, but every girl should own a couple of these at least to feel good if not for anything else. In fact, these can be addictive, try for yourself, and you will agree too.

8. Negligees

A total knock-out and something that never fails you. If you’re trying to shop for lingerie and not sure what might impress “him”? Go with this one. Even otherwise, it is uber sexy as the name suggests. It is a feather light garment that sits smoothly on your skin and feels just as good

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