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The Lip Smacking Food of Kolkata

You know, Kolkata is better known as the Culture Capital of India, the vast heaven for the foodies, this place has some of the best food in the world and price is extremely economical.

Kolkata food has mix of cultures as it has Tibetan food, Chinese food and authentic tradition Bengali food.

You know Bengali food is not just the sweetmeats but also the phuckhas and Gugnis. So, you don’t need to Ekla Chalo for this as you have throng of foodies on the busy streets of Kolkata.

Some of the common khana at Kolkata streets are penned down by us:

Phuckhas – a heaven of taste in a small round dumplings along with Aloo and chola. It is delicacy of whole of India infact but in Bengal the Phuckhas are made from wheat flour and in north India, it is made from semolina…

(Pic Soyurce – holidif)
(Pic Source : holidify)

Ghugni – an assorted snack made from Chickpeas and diced onions and tomato…

(Pic Source – Holidify)
(Pic Source : Holidify)

Jhal Muri – This is omnipresent in whole of Bengal and this is healthy too. It is made up of rice crispies (Muri) and loads of other ingredients like diced tomato and onions, chillies and a generous drizzle of mustard oil…

(Pic Source – Migrationology)
(Pic Source : Migrationology)

Chap or Telbhaja – this snack can make anyone hungry, a deep fried chap or vegetables in rice flour batter and then deep fried…

This is absolute delicacy of common man of Kolkata…

(Pic Source – go Bengal)
(Pic Source : go Bengal)

Dimer Devil – Another street food of Kolkata, which is must have…

(Pic Source : pikturenama)
(Pic Source : pikturenama)

Who is not a Chai Lover and in Bengal, everyone is a Chai lover and it is served in small clay cups, which are broken after consumption of tea. The cups get back to its roots by this…

(Pic Source – Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

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