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The truths you never knew about why guys like to cuddle

1. It allows them to be vulnerable.

Guys really like to appear like a solid piece of man handling anything life throws at them. But the truth is they experience just as much insecurity as you do. Cuddling with you allows them to be in a vulnerable state without being judged by you or society. They like the sense of peace they have during a good cuddle session.

2. They like making you feel safe.

Most men feel a powerful instinctual duty to make you feel safe and protect you. This is in their DNA. Although there aren’t the same dangers in the world today, cuddling gives them the feeling of protecting you and keeping you safe anyway.

3. It makes them feel important.

Guys like to cuddle because it makes them feel important. They know they’re the only people providing you with the comfort you feel from cuddling. And this, to them, is an extremely important role in your life.

4. They like the close contact.

Guys like being close and touching you just as much as you do. There’s actually a scientific reason for this, too. Cuddling releases a chemical called oxytocin *the feel-good hormone* making them feel happy. Therefore, the close contact and cuddling helps them feel a lot happier.

5. Men even sleep better when they cuddle!

You might think that it’s the girls who end up sleeping better falling asleep in the arms of the person they love, but it’s actually the opposite. Studies prove men sleep longer and deeper when they’re cuddling with a loved one.

6. There’s no pressure involved with cuddling.

Guys like to cuddle because there’s no pressure involved. They can’t do it wrong, they can’t be bad at it, and there’s no one to judge their cuddles like there can be in any other aspect in dating you.

7. They like the level of intimacy it offers without sex.

Not all guys are into you just so they can get you in bed. A lot of guys actually like cuddling because they can be intimate with their girlfriends in a way that doesn’t involve sex. They like the closeness they get without having to take each other’s clothes off.

8. They like the comfort.

Cuddling is comfortable. And as human beings, we crave physical contact with others of our kind. Cuddling relaxes guys. They find it really comfortable to be tangled up with you on the couch watching their favorite show.

9. They feel manly.

Not much makes a guy feel manlier than supporting the weight of their woman as she lies on top of them—other than her being naked, I suppose. The point is, by cuddling with their significant other, guys feel they’re truly embracing a man’s duty.

10. They like that it makes you happy.

Not all guys like the physical aspects of cuddling since it can be uncomfortable at times. However, they do like the fact it makes you happy. And since they care about you and are with you romantically, that’s their goal at the end of the day. So guys like cuddling because you like to cuddle.

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