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The Underrated TV Shows You Should Be Watching

1. Trial and Error, NBC

It started last year. It is hilarious, and, if you like crime shows, it’s a funny spoof on those. You will definitely be laughing during some of the episodes.

2. Star, Fox

You will absolutely love this show and the music! There’s so much girl power, and it’s constantly covering heavy topics like drugs, race, and so much more.

3. On My Block, Netflix

It’s honestly way too slept on!

4. Casual, Hulu

Casual has not gotten the hype it truly deserves. The show is totally bingeworthy and centers on a dysfunctional relationship between a grown sister and her younger bachelor brother who’s got major commitment issues. It’s so entertaining, but you also can’t help but relate to the characters and their daily struggles.

 5. The Bold Type, Freeform

This show doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s extremely positive, and everyone, especially women, should watch during these times.

6. Younger, TV Land

It’s an incredible show that features strong female friendships, great love stories, LGBT representation, feminist topics, and plenty of drama. Plus, it portrays millennials as the hardworking, almost-adults that we are.

7. Schitt’s Creek, (Pop)

This show is good from the get-go. Eugene Levy and his son Daniel have helped create such a funny, charming, and snarky show. Watching these former millionaires fall and try to deal with having a new lifestyle, like living in a run-down hotel, is always fun. Catherine O’Hara is per-freaking-fection in probably her best role, other than Beetlejuice.

8. Kevin Probably Saves the World, ABC

You will absolutely fall in love with Kevin Probably Saves the World. You will laugh, you will cry, and come away from each episode feeling all the warm fuzzies!

9. Dear White People, Netflix

This show is so good that you will binge both seasons in one sitting. The characters are so complex and you will love that they all have such unique perspectives and experiences. Plus, the show is super timely. It discusses everything from gun violence and blackface, to interracial relationships and Twitter trolls. It’s also funny and romantic, so don’t let the heavy topics stop you from checking it out!

10. UnReal, Lifetime

You can’t help but love it.

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