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The World Is Better Off: If America Leave the Paris Agreement?

Paris agreement was formed to bring all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects, with enhanced support to assist developing countries to do so. As such, it charts a new course in the global climate effort.

Global warming was always an issue for developing countries. Greenhouse effect causes damages to the developing countries and other developed ones too.

Donald Trump
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Recently president of America Mr. Donald Trump decided to drop off the agreement. It created a chaos among all other countries, who were concerned about climate and our beloved ozone layer, but as we know he doesn’t gives a fuck.

Activists and American media house started raising their voices against him, but yet again he said; “I am doing it for the sake of America”. It may sound funny, but it isn’t.

Concerns are not only about America, what if other countries rebel and start aborting the agreement which is for greater cause. If this happens we would reach 69n Gigatonne of carbon and greenhouse emission by 2030.

United States is the second largest polluter after china. However, china showed its commitment towards agreement and said: it will not abolish agreement and will be working constantly in favor of our climate changes.

Concern has risen over India other developing countries, Brazil, South Africa. What these countries will do without financial support. China have asked that developed countries “honor their commitments”, to give $100 billion a year. President Trump has said he will cut payments to United Nations climate programs.

The agreement holds longer term plans and its commitment is towards limiting the global warming to less than 2degree Celsius.

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