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Things every girl with long nails must have heard at least once.

Nails are a very important part of our body which we ladies always want to keep attractive. Grooming our nails is one of our favourite thing to do. But sometimes we get to hear a lot of comments on our long nails…which we are sick of!

1. “How do you manage?”:

This is a bit logical question. It’s like slowly and gradually ladies get used to work with long nails. Due to which they also feel uneasy after cutting them short. So it’s just the matter of time and everything becomes easy.

2. “How do you eat?”

Well, there’s a thing called cutlery I guess. So this is absolutely understood that eating is not a struggle for ones with long nails. Handling cutlery is as easy as it normally is.

3. “From where did you get your nails done?”

We usually get to hear this question after a proper nails session. Our attractive nails definitely attract the attention of others and in order to get the same, they ask this. But never tell the secret okay? 😉

4. “Do you spend the whole day grooming your nails?”

Well, can you just apply a bit of common sense? Why would I spend the whole day in my nails? Our nails look so perfect that people just threw such questions towards us. Our nail artist do the magic of course.

5. “Do you do that yourself?”

I am good with my hands. It’s not like I can’t do wonders with my nails but nail artists do magic. They’re so much skilled and experienced that our nails looks so much perfect. Every profession needs time patience and experience in which these nail artists excel.

6. “You always have this defense weapon.”

This sounds interesting. Our nails become so versatile sometimes and people do realize. Our nails can actually act as a defense weapon during danger as you know-we ladies are good at scratching right? 😉

7. “How much does it cost?”

Do you ask someone how much their tattoos cost? Or how much they paid for their clothes? I don’t feel the need to tell a stranger how much I spend on my nails.

8. “I could never have nails like that.”

Haha-you could definitely have these nails. Just need to have a little patience and a bit of attention. We want every part of our body to look attractive. So why not our nails? Get it groomed and flaut those beauties.


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