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Things Short Girls Can Wear Instead of Famous Trends

Tip 1: Instead of tunic tops, try cropped silhouettes.

A cropped style can help elongate any look and is an easy way to add a flattering and on-trend dimension to your outfit. Pair it with your favourite pair of high-waisted pants for an easy look that won’t seem baggy.

Tip 2: Instead of shirt-dresses, try gathered or wrap dresses.

If you’re on the petite side, a shirt-dress can easily swallow you up and make it look like you’re accidentally wearing an over size style. Try a gathered or wrap dress instead to ensure that your look is falling just right.

Tip 3: Instead of over size layering, try tailored layering like suiting separates.

A well-tailored chic pantsuit looks good on any body type, but especially on someone petite. A sleek blazer and suiting pants are a great dressier option for someone on the shorter side.

Tip 4: Instead of horizontal stripes, try vertical stripes.

Horizontal stripes typically give a widening illusion while vertical stripes are elongating. So, the latter is a sophisticated go-to for shorter girls.

Tip 5: Instead of boxy tops, try corsets and structured shaping.

Structured tops are a guaranteed way to make sure you’re showing off your figure and not getting swallowed by over-size pieces.

Tip 6: Instead of printed jumpsuits, try solid-coloured one-pieces.

Solid colours are often considered more flattering and give an overall statement look rather than loud prints that can overwhelm a small figure.

Tip 7: Instead of loose-fitting jeans, try straight-leg denim.

Don’t drown yourself in over size denim. Instead, opt for a straight-leg fit that still gives the illusion of bagginess while remaining more formfitting.

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