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Things to do before and after Yoga

The very basic and the truly essential suggestion is to respect your mind and your body, to pay attention to its nature and limits, and have trust in your own insight of principles and moral philosophies. It is not simple at the start but progressively the yoga will raise your values, understanding, self-knowledge, and self-control.

Yoga is not a sporty and exhausting exercise. Therefore, it is important to be happy during the stretches and Yoga postures and let resilience and power develop progressively from inside. The more you can involve in the exercise in order that the postures come from inside (by means of proper breathing) the simpler it develops into.

However, genuinely there are several useful directions that are helpful to refer to promote your yoga session:

1) Your workout attire must be comfortable and stretchy. Make sure the clothes are not extremely loose/baggy or tight. Take off loose jewelry. Remove shoes and footwear.

2) Always carry and use a Yoga mat. It is good to put a towel and possibly a cotton mat or cloth on top of the Yoga mat. A towel can be used to avoid sweat getting into the mat and making it wet.

3) Never eat any large meals or fast food immediately before or after yoga exercise. You can eat a small fruit 1/2 an hour prior to practice. Furthermore, never drink more than a small or medium glass of water 1/2 an hour prior to the yoga session.

4) Once you have completed the yoga practice, please relax for 10 minutes in Savasana pose – Stay relaxed and with normal respiration. Wear some extra clothes or put on a blanket in order that you don’t catch a cold.

5) In case you meet with soul-stirring reactions after or while doing the yoga moves and postures, welcome and acknowledge the emotions. You can discuss the experiences with the trainer later on.

6) Don’t overdo the exercises and postures. It is important to know the right procedure and duration of particular poses and posture. The negative effects that can take place due to overdoing moves, poses and postures are vomiting, stomach ache, headache, and bone ache.

7) Start the session from low to high effort exercises. Do warm-up and stretching exercises before doing demanding yoga asanas and poses. Always feel free to ask your trainer to illustrate the right way of doing a particular Yoga asana. If you wish to do it by yourself, please buy a book or download a Yoga poses manual.  Remember, doing this correctly will give 1000 times better result than the incorrect ones.

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