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Things We All Did When We First Fell In Love In School

The thing is, butterflies or blushing or nervous giggles don’t last forever. Pretty faces and toned body don’t last either and we know that money will always come and go.

Love is something different than all this, all such temporary things. It is about the strong connection you feel with the other person; the way you look in their eye and end up grinning; the way their kiss fills you up with happiness that you giggle a little; the way you want to hold them and never let go. And that is the reason teenage love is blissful because we are yet not aware of the treacherous world we have to face. It is pure and innocent.

When it comes to school love and first love, there are a few things that we all did.

1.Searching that face when you entered the class

The moment that you entered the class, your eyes wandered to their seat to check if they are present or not. And chances were that they were already in their seat smiling to see you present. After all happiness is a two way road.

2.You woke up and went to sleep thinking of someone else
From the moment you woke up to the moment you slept, some part of your brain was always occupied by the thought of your loved one and even made you smile for no reason at all.

3. Those out of the way efforts
Throwing paper balls to playing them songs on guitar, all sounds cheesy now but these are the exact things which made your stomach feel the butterflies.

4. The group projects

That was your not so very subtle way of wanting to spend time together. Group projects meant meeting outside school, which meant more time to talk, getting to know each other.

5. Posting ambiguous song lyrics
Whether it’s an old one or a new pop song, the lyrics which made you relate to your love life was posted on Facebook/Twitter. Obviously, you thought that they read it and knew that you were thinking of them.

6. Riding your bicycle/bike trying to catch a glimpse while they were returning from their coaching/extra classes
Or taking your dog for a walk nearby their house. Or going to a friend’s place who is their neighbour. Or waiting near a shop because you know they will there. Basically that was a way to bump into them as often as possible.

7. Spending time dressing up
Spending hours in front of the mirror deciding about spikes or not, or a particular colour of a rubber band; yes you have done that. It was silly but even if the tiniest bit of the change was noticed, that made you so happy.

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