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Things You Should Immidiately Throw Away

Some experts say difficulty throwing stuff away isn’t just about selfishness; it’s often a way to avoid change. A room full of clutter may also reflect the procrastination habits of a person who’s just too lazy to get rid of ticket stubs and used garbage bags. Obviously you can throw away, but if you have anything in good condition you can also sell it or donate it. Some specific items may also find a new life in the digital world, or you may have friends who want some of your things.

When you live in a cluttered place, you cannot think clearly and you tend to feel tense and overwhelmed. Often, you know that your home is getting way too cluttered and you always mean to get down to throwing the junk away but the challenge is that you don’t know what exactly you can categorize as junk.

Let us help you here so that you can clear up quickly. Here is a list of things that you showld immidiately throw off.

1. Worn Out Shoes

Our closets are full of them. The attachment we feel for them can cloud our thinking. When it comes to worn out shoes, breaking up really is hard to do. But there comes a time in the life of every pair of shoes when they should part ways with your feet.

2. Old Toys

Plastic toys pose a unique challenge because they’re typically composed of other materials such as metals. The recyclable components can’t be separated out, and become prohibitive for recycling centers. It’s not just the environmental impact but also the health effects of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic toys are not fully known, but at least one type of common chemical, called phthalates ― which is used to soften soys ― has been linked to a number of health issues, including birth defects, cancer.

3. Expired medication

Storing unwanted and expired medication at home presents a risk for drug abuse or overdose for consumers as well as children and pets. On the other hand, improper medication disposal can contaminate soil and water, if people trash or flush pharmaceuticals down the sink or drain.

4. Old Phone Chargers

Gather up any random chargers that are cluttering up your shelves, and try to match them to the technology in your home. If you cannot find a single item that you still own and use that can be charged by the charger in question, toss it.

5. Old Invitations

Throwing away that birthday card from your grandmother feels a bit callous. But unless you plan to display it or it has really unique sentimental value, it’s time to part with it. The same goes for piles of invitations for events passed and items like personalized stationery with an outdated address. Give your inbox or stationery drawer a once-over and purge. If you do choose to keep a few cards out of emotional attachment, invest in a great-looking fabric or wooden box in which to store them.

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