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Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Elder Sibling

Having siblings can be difficult at times but it is also one of the best things. Elder siblings have a mixed experience but that is something no one can take away from us.

Here is a list of things that you will relate to if you are the elder sibling.

1. Your parents have no clue

Let’s face it. You were the experiment specimen. They had no clue how to set the car seat nor how to understand baby language.

2. You always had a closet full of new clothes
That’s always an advantage. You always got new clothes because you could give your old ones to the younger one because it would fit them

3. Your younger sibling gets to do things which you never got to do at their age
Be it a piercing or a mobile phone, they always get them at an age, you would not have even imagined to talk about to your parents. They get their first bike ride as soon as you get a bike because everything you own is supposed to be shared, np matter the age difference.

4. Your parents totally let the younger sibling get away with way more than you ever did
Seriously! Staying out till 11, partying with guys, you literally had to beg for it while they get to do it without even a single hurdle from your parent’s end.

5. You have to be the responsible one
You are expected to be the responsible since you are the elder one. Your younger sibling can break a vase and get away with it but if you do not pick up your sock from the floor, be ready to face the wrath.

6.You have to set a good example for the younger sibling
No matter your mother has impossible expectations, you have a younger sibling which means you have to be at your best always.

7.You get to tell them that they are adopted
Hell yeah! You were already there when this all happened, watching closely, recording all the detail in your little yellow book. The younger ones are usually picked from the garbage or stairs of some temple.

But, no matter what you know you will always look out for them because you are their third parent and they are never supposed to be grown up when it comes to you.

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