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Threats to Bhansali, Deepika unacceptable, says Nana Patekar

Actor Nana Patekar on Thursday condemned the violent threats issued by fringe groups to film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and heroine of the film Deepika Padukone over Padmavati, remarking that the ferocity of the tenor of such threats were “unacceptable”.

“It is premature for people to pass judgment on the film without even watching it, though I fail to understand why such intense controversy happens before his [Bhansali’s] films are released? I personally feel it is a small issue and I don’t even want to get into this. But while I do not know how the characters are portrayed and I can tell Sanjay (Bhansali) only after watching the film, I strongly condemn threats of violence [issued by fringe groups] against Deepika Padukone and him,” said Mr. Patekar, speaking on the sidelines of the passing out parade of the 133rd course of the National Defence Academy (NDA), where the actor was invited as a special guest.
Mr. Patekar also issued a subtle rebuke to Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray over the issue of hawkers in Mumbai. “He has not suffered any ‘personal loss’ over our verbal spat…he has a right to say what he wants and so do I… but Raj has certainly become poorer by one vote [meaning Patekar’s] over this issue,” said the actor.
Earlier this month, Mr. Patekar at a function at an engineering institute in Mumbai had lashed out against the MNS violent ways for the forcible displacement of hawkers, remarking that no one had the right to deny them their daily bread.
Mr. Thackeray retaliated by saying, “He [Nana Patekar] is a superb actor and should stick to acting… he should not open his mouth on subjects he does not know. He doesn’t know the reality.” He also taunted Mr. Patekar for failing to help when the Marathi film ndustry was not doing well.

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