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Three Things You Shouldn’t Buy this Summer

Often times, we end up buying things we simply don’t need. Even if we know that it’s a mistake to spend money on them, we do it anyway.

To help break you of this situation, here is a list of three things that are always a mistake to buy.

1. Big Framed Sunglasses

Stop the clocks, grab some tissues and dust off your darkest clothing. It’s official. Your favourite go-to summer accessory is dead. Over. Remember today as the day you learnt that big framed sunglasses have been decreed a fashion faux pas. They’re no longer cool.

2. Designer T-shirts

There’s no point in spending big bucks on a simple, designer t-shirt when a much cheaper option can be easily found. There’s no need to pay thousands for a plain white t-shirt. That’s just plain senseless.

3. Kitten Heels

They are hardly heels. It’s is a short, slender heel with a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. It’s better too either wear proper heels or flats than to stick with kitten heels.

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