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Tips for getting a Tinder response

1. Be genuine.

If you’re acting out and being obvious about the fact that you’re not at all like you sound, it’ll show. Be genuine and be honest. Nobody likes someone who is so obviously being fake. Have fun with the conversation, but don’t try to make a big scene about it.

2. Mention something that’s in their profile.

This is a GREAT way to get a response. When you’re choosing a Tinder conversation starter, always read their bio. It’ll give you things to use as material. Not only does it show you paid attention, but that you care about their interests in general.

3. Avoid mentioning physical attraction.

I know it’s tempting to tell someone they’re beautiful, but it’s very overused. And in general, commenting on physical attraction indicates that you’d like to get physical with them – which is a turnoff.

Save the comments about their beauty for after you’ve already been talking for a while. And even then, just mention it in passing.

4. Make them laugh.

Laughter really goes a long way to hooking someone on Tinder. When you make them laugh, you’ll almost always get a response. Why? Because they’ll remember you. It leaves a lasting impact when someone found what you said funny. So use a joke or get creative with the above conversation starters.

5. Be yourself.

This is said a lot, but it’s true. Don’t use a pick-up line that doesn’t resonate with you. If you’re asking something about traveling when you hate it, it’ll be hard to back up. It just won’t make sense and if you lie about liking to travel, it’ll show after a little while. So just be yourself and go with your personality.

6. Ask engaging questions.

Questions are by far the best way to go about getting a response. You’ll notice the above Tinder conversation starters almost always ask a question. When you need an answer, people will most likely give it to you. It also intrigues them and they feel much more invested in the conversation.

7. Don’t be too serious right away.

Getting really serious – especially at the start of a conversation – can scare people away. They want to have fun. They want to flirt. So keep things light and interesting without crossing the line into serious. It’ll bode well for you.

8. Find a way to connect your interests.

If you see in one of their photos that they’re skiing and you love to ski, mention it. Find a way to work it into your first line.

People like to know that you have something in common almost right away. When you discuss an interest right away instead of giving a boring compliment, you’re showing them a number of different things.

Firstly, you’re showing that you paid attention to their pictures and bio. Secondly, you’re telling them that you’re interested in more than what they look like. And lastly, you’re engaging with them about something they love to do. All of these are beneficial for you.

9. Use a cheesy pick-up line, but as a joke.

We all know how annoying a really cheesy pick-up line can be. But what’s great about using it as one of your Tinder conversation starters is that you can make fun of it. Using a corny line followed by, “can you believe people actually fall for this type of thing?” can work wonders for getting a response.

10. Let it be natural.

Don’t force it. Let the conversation be what it is. Do your best to send out a conversation starter that they’ll be intrigued by, but don’t force it. If they don’t respond, they don’t respond. Don’t be that annoying person who just talks and talks.

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