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Tips for Safe Travel

When we travel we always want everything to be perfect so we can make the most of a long-awaited break, but sometimes the unexpected can happen out of our control, affecting us emotionally and financially. With this in mind, I recommend you take on board the following tips, which will help you to have a safe journey.

If you are traveling by plane

Don’t forget to take important personal documents, including tickets, official ID’s, passport, credit card, and health insurance policies. It’s always a good idea to make a copy of each one, just in case you happen to lose it.

Purchase insurance that covers your luggage in case of robbery or loss. This protection can be acquired for a minimal fee when you book your travel package or your plane tickets. You can also buy trip cancellation and interruption insurance to cover your flight. This way you’ll get your money back or be able to reschedule.

Pay attention to the security advice provided by the airline crew on the plane.

If you are traveling by Car

Check your car and make sure that is it in a good condition for the trip. Make sure you have valid car insurance. Remember that on federal highways it is compulsory to have insurance that covers you and anyone traveling with you in case of an accident or mechanical fault. Ensure you have emergency numbers at hand, such as your insurance company’s helpline, so you can ask for a tow truck or for roadside assistance at no extra cost. Avoid taking unsecure roads. It is preferably to plan a route and keep a map as well. Always use the seat belts and make sure passengers to do as well. If you are traveling with minors, check that the back doors of the car have the safety lock on.

Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions before you leave to make sure your house is protected. I recommend you purchase home insurance to protect your belongings, and ask a relative to visit during your absence to check everything’s ok.


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