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Tips to remember if you are sexual and your partner is gray asexual

It can be difficult for someone to admit that they are different from most people. You may not agree with their views or choices, but you have to exhibit sensitivity and tact during times like these. You can expect the same from your partner as well.

1.. Make sure you ask them everything you need to know. Some sexual people will feel blindsided when they find out that their partner is asexual. Asking about all the things you need to know will lessen the impact of discovering an extremely different way of life.

2. Don’t make assumptions based on what you’ve heard about asexual people. “They hate sex,” “They don’t want to see penises or vaginas,” etc., etc. There all these misconceptions about asexual people, and it doesn’t help when you believe them before hearing your partner’s side.

3.. Listen to your partner before you make any sudden negative remarks. The idea of not having sex can be very alarming for some people, so try not to yell, “What?!” when your partner tells you about it.

4. If you need more time to think, ask for it. No one can make a huge decision in just one sitting. Tell your partner that you need to think about this some more. Don’t let them assume that you’re breaking up with them, unless that’s what you really want to do.

5. Read more literature about what it means to be gray asexual. The more you know, the less uninformed things will run through your head.

6. Tell your partner about the things that you need in the relationship. You have needs. They have different needs. It’s all about compromise, but it’s very critical that you tell your partner this from the start. If they can’t give it to you, you have to rethink your views on the matter and see if you can give way.

7. Ask your partner about what they need as well. Again, this is not just about you. Once you know exactly what your partner needs, you may be able to arrive at an acceptable compromise.

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