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Toilet Cafe Opens In Indonesia, Are you Ready?

The new toilet Cafe opens in Indonesia and as the name suggests, it is Toilet Cafe, we always opt to eat in the fanciest of the places but what if we happened to eat in the bizarre places if the world.

In the series of Bizarre eating places of the world, Indonesia has jumped the league and they have opened a restaurant with this theme.

(Pic Source : food ndtv)
(Pic Source : food ndtv)

Moreover, this is not a new concept already Taiwan and Russia are having this sort of restaurants and the concept of Indonesia for this Cafe, to make people aware about sanitation and more use of it.

The name of the Cafe is Jamban Cafe and here people order food while sitting on toilets and food, that includes floating meatballs and vegetables in the latrines. This Cafe has the social message associated with it and they don’t serve any alcoholic beverage in their premises.

(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

The reason of opening this Cafe is make people aware about the sanitation as Indonesia is below poverty line country and it also has the outside defecation in that Indonesia.

Apparently, this approach is not welcomed by the Muslim clerics in the country as they say this is against the Islamic Laws of the country.

But anyways, we wish all the best for the Toilet Cafe with a social message.

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