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Top 5 Korean dramas to start with for a Beginner

Korean dramas have  heart of Asian entertainment and have of late become really popular in India. A series comprises 20-25 episodes at max and are thus attracting the ‘done with it already types’. Here is list of few dramas to start with for all the beginners.

1.Boys over flowers(2009)

This one is my personal favorite and one of the most popular kdrams of all time. Starring Lee min ho this drama is certainly a must watch for all who love the romantic genre. A high school based drama on friendship and romance have more than can be described. A love story of an elite spoilt boy and a middle class crazy girl, it has all the fun elements.

2.The heirs(2013)

Another one from Lee min ho, a love story that has to face a lot to evolve. From broken friendships to broken families, it surely will keep you bound till the very end. And of course the chemistry between Lee min ho and Park Shin hye is something you can’t miss.

3.Descendents of the sun(2016)

A military based romantic drama revolving around the love story of a soldier and a doctor. Owing to their job commitments, will they be able to make through? Song jong ki and Song Ki hoo shared an awesome chemistry in the show and was adored by  one and all. The lead couple  or popularly Song couple went on to get married in the following year.

4.Playful kiss

An adaptation of the Taiwanese it all started with a kiss is a romantic comedy featuring Kim hyun Jung and Jung so min. It is an interesting love story between an arrogant intelligent guy and a clumsy girl whose only dream is to be kissed by her crush!

5.Full house

It is a sweet love story of an actor and an ordinary woman who get married and then try to work out things between them. It discovers the journey of marriage not just as a sweet bed of roses but one full of adjustments but how eventually you find your happiness.

So guys hurry up and binge watch these dramas ad discover a whole new world of entertainment that will leave you hooked to it!!

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