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Top 5 Memory Cleaner Apps for Your Smartphone

When fiddle through Google play store or any apps downloads center, you will come across numerous apps, those all will claim to clean and increase storage in your mobile. But do they really do or they perform up to the mark. One is left perplexed that which app to download and what to download further, one needs to have a guide or a list of apps that are highly beneficial. Here is the list of apps that will work wonders in your devices be it Android or iOs.

Below are the top memory Cleaner apps:

1. Clean Master

Price: Free

Clean master is widely used app across the globe but what exactly the work of this app is; first let’s understand that .It cleans app cache, residual files, history and many junk files or folders that piles up during installation and make debris in devices.

The interface of Clean Master is extremely colourful and interactive and does not even causes battery drainage.

Download Link :


2. CCleaner

Price: Free

This app is also sister app of Clean Master when it comes to functionality but it is bit light in features so  favorite among the desktop and laptop users. It clears the junk files, residual files, application cache thus creating additional space in your device. In addition to that it also clears the sms and call log which often cause lagging of mobile. It is extremely beneficial for android users plus it is completely free so no root or additional amount has to be given.

Download Link :


3. Startup Manager

Price: Free

Reboot our phone and it takes ages and the booting takes so much time when you have the latest technology, latest models and the power of hardware.

The problem lies in the fact that some apps come uninvited and these all apps slow the process of booting and they add up themselves in the Start Up list and your mobile does not even know that.

Startup Manager helps to remove all the unnecessary apps from your mobile and how it works. Firstly, it detects all the apps both the system apps and user installer apps. You just need to tap on the remove button.

Download Link :


4. WonderShare Mobile Go For Android

Price: Free

It is all in one mobile app which has excellent cleaning capabilities as well. It manages APKs, boosts apps, uninstalls apps, creates space and manages junk files. It is all in one solution for all android related problems. This speeds up your devices, creates free space and closes not required apps.

Download Link :


5. App Cache Cleaner

Price: Free

As the name suggests, it helps in clearing cache files in your android device. When cache files are there, they pile up the stored files and slow down the productivity of mobile. The WOW factor is that it sets a reminder for the cache clearing files. So it tells you when to clean the files and when your mobile is slowing down, it is really incredible. This app doesn’t want cache files to take the extra space and memory of our mobile and cleans it.

Download Link :


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