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Top 5 Mysterious Places in India

Mystery- The word when enters the ear, enthralls the nerves and puts our senses on notice!. There is no denying the fact that the hunt for reality motivates us to embark on an excursion. Just consider visiting the places that are full of surprises and enigma. Even the thought of scouting such spots evokes the adrenaline rush.

Nature has always surprised humankind. Some people relate these mysteries endowed by nature with spirituality and others with the amazing secrets of nature. Whatever it may seem, these places certainly evoke curiosity in a person. Natural scientists are continuously working to find an answer for it.

Skeleton Lake, Roopkund, Uttarakhand:


At some specific time in the past, the snowy waters of Roopkund lake melt to unfold the sprinkled skeletal remnants of 200 humans. As per the scientific researches, these humans perished in this area around 1200 years back. The famous folklores of this region state that these skeletons are the leftovers of King Jasdhava, his spouse and associates who went to the goddess Nanda Devi to pay homage. It is said that the deity became angry with them as they danced and played music on the consecrated ground. The goddess unleashed a ferocious hailstorm. The trek to Roopkund is still among the famous trekking routes in Uttarakhand.

Karni Mata Mandir, Rajasthan :


Karni Mata Temple is positioned in the Deshnoke Town in the regal land of Rajasthan. One aspect that makes this temple unusual is the astonishing rat population in this shrine. The rats are revered here. Surprisingly, there is something like 20,000 ratsin the premises and it is believed that the food eaten by these rats becomes extremely sacrosanct. Moreover, if a rat is killed then a rat made of gold should be used as a substitute for it!

Red Rain, Idukki of Kerala:


The Idukki and Kottayam districts of Kerala witnessed a strange phenomenon when the red-colored rain occurred there. This hued rainfall has occurred on myriad instances since 1986 and from that time, such type of rain has been recorded several times. The most recent one was in 2012. The solid pigments extracted from water were identical to biological cells.

Mass Bird Suicide, Jatinga, Assam:


Jatinga Village is located in Dima Hasao of Assam. This place is more often than not the talk of town as well as among the explorers and scientists because of the mysterious bird suicides that happen here. A horde of migratory birds comes here in the evening, especially in the months of September and October, to crash themselves to death. Several efforts were made by the scientist to solve the mystery of Jatinga.

Floating Island of Loktak, Manipur:


Floating Islands offer a strange spectacle with immense assortment of foliage. These isles are flawlessly circular in form, floating on the surface of Loktak Lake. These verdant islands are known as Phumdis and are the bunch of flora, soil and several other organic matters. Some of these floating ‘island’ are so huge that many resorts have been constructed on them.

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