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Top 6 Place to have LIP SMACKING Street Food IN Mumbai

Mumbai gives you dreams and some yummilicious cuisine too. The city of dreams gives you an unending list of street food. Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav , Pani Poori and many more delicacies ..
Let’s dig our fingers and get dirty for tasty street of Mumbai.

1.Pav Bhaji

Target – Sardar’s

In medieval times, it was made for laborers as they have not much time with them and in a hurry they put all the veggies n masala in the pot along with some sprinkle some seasoning and here’s Bhaji is ready. Today, it is available across India but some places offer really special food. You agree on that so it is Sardar’s Pav Bhaji. It is located near Mumbai Central Station, just a 5 minute walk. Hidden careful behind the white barriers like a lady in veil but ask any passerby they will guide and you are on your target. You order your food and within minute’s two steels plates will arrive, one will have vegetable masala bhajiwith a dollop of butter on it and for the buns, they are fluffy enough to melt in your mouth. Just dig in and enjoy the delicacy of Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji – Sardar’s

2.Vada Pav

Target – Anand’s

Mumbaikar loves their snacks too much and what more than a quick grab of Vada Pav. This snack is prevalent in Mumbai since ages. It is potato patties mashed with garlic, coriander and many more masalas and it is dipped in golden yellow chickpeas flour batter into the piping hot oil and the yummy Pakoras are ready. Then the trick , a bun is taken and smeared with butter and coriander chutney, dry garlic peanut chutney (available at selected outlets).

Anand’s stall is located in frontof famous Mithibai College, from students to businessmen flock to this place. It gives a taste of vada pav , I forgot to tell about two fried green chilies also… Must have ….Vada Pav - Anand’s

3. Chicken Tikka Rolls

Target – Bademiya

Late night, in the city that never sleeps .Hangout the place which offers some really esthetic cuisine. No one has been there before 3 am – it gives charcoaled cooked meaty kebabs and they are super tasty snack of Mumbai, almost every Mumbaikar has been there and it is time for you. It is located right behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, it gives proper service and waiters in white aprons will come and serve the delicious kebabs. You require nothing, no chutney or dip as it will be wrapped in a roomali roti and what it needs after that to be eaten and enjoyed.

Chicken Tikka Rolls – Bademiya

4.Bhel Puri

Target – Sharmajee and Badshah’s

Mumbai ki Bhel is famous across the world; it is cold snack and has all the flavours in it – sweet, tangy, spicy and salty. The crunchy Bhel along with peanuts is must. Chowpatty beach is must have for the bhel puri. From lovebirds to kids all love bhel puri. For tasty bhel try Sharmajee Stall No.22 and Badshah Stall No.11.

Bhel Puri - Sharmajee and Badshah’s

5.Keema Pav

Target: Olympia Coffee House

Forgot about any snack in Colaba, have Keema pav at the Olympia Coffee House which is simply YUM. This is the breakfast locals do and as they say do as Romans do. When we are in Mumbai do as Mumbaikars do. A plate will be having minced meat masala topped with coriander and freshly baked breads and have a hearty meal.

Keema Pav - Olympia Coffee House

6.Misal Pav

Target : Aaswad

A particular dish and which holds a special places in the heart of every Maharashtrian..This dish is perfect way to start a day in Maharashtra. A spiced lentil paradies with tangy and spicy flavours.It is mixed with chtuney and eaten with golden baked soft pavs.In Mumbai, you can have authentic misal pav at Aaswad.The place started in 1986 , almost 30 year ago and also got an award from London.

Misal Pav - Aaswad

Dig yourself in the authentic and succulent food of Mumbai

All the Pictures used in this article are the courtesy of Google.

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