India has long been touted as an unsafe destination for travellers from all over the world. More so in case of the female travellers coming to India. While safety should always be taken seriously it is easy to follow some simple rules and guidelines to keep yourself out of trouble’s way. So, ladies, it’s your time to tie your shoes and explore the country like never before!

We have compiled a list of 3 destinations in India which are notable for their undoubted charm but are also safe for the solo women traveller who likes to travel solo. A lot of these Indian destinations are definitely going to be on everyone’s bucket list after you have gone through them.

1. Nainital

m_Nainital 1

Situated in the serene valleys of Uttarakhand, Nainital is truly the definition of dreamland on earth. Inhabited by local kumaoni people known for their warm nature and friendly smiles, the small town of Nainital is both an incredibly safe and incredibly fun place to explore all by yourself.

2. Mysore


The cultural hub of Karnataka is also one of the safest places in the state for a woman to travel alone too. The streets are populated till the sun goes down and while it is advised to not loiter around at night, the city still feels safe at night due to it being a popular tourist destination and people travelling at night. Mysore is a must visit for and a lady who has a taste for Indian culture and history.

3. Shimla


Hill stations, by the rule of thumb, are generally safer due to the number of people present at any given time. However, when it comes to hill stations, few can match the beauty and charm of the valleys of Shimla. The hilltop town is again absolute delight and the crown jewel among Indian destinations. Shimla also offers lots of attractive and safe lodging options which makes it a very viable destination for a female traveller.

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