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Top Restaurant Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Technology has drastically reduced the manual labour involved in the restaurant space and helped in cutting down costs through automation. Operations of most of the restaurants these days are completely automated with advanced restaurant automation system and new technological innovations are weaved out regularly to make the restaurant system more comprehensive that will bolster the restaurant sales. Here we have mentioned the major restaurant technology which will have a mark in 2018.


1. Facial Recognition Payment Technology

We have already witnessed the growth in the payment sector when we went cashless and digitized the entire payment method. Now, the technology is going a step forward and planning to allow you to make a payment simply by facial recognition. That indeed seems to be a great news!  Financial service developers are about to unleash the facial recognition payment system, allowing customers to leave their wallets at home.In San Francisco, there is a store where Amazon Go has introduced this facial recognition mode. In this store, there are cameras all over and once you walk inside the store the camera captures you, and what you simply need to do is to just go ahead and get your product and walk out of the store. The amount of the goods purchased by you will automatically be deducted from your Amazon Wallet. Hence, this would a completely staffless store. We predict such innovative restaurant technology trends coming up in the restaurant sector as well, where we can simply walk into any restaurant, order any food and walk out, without any hassles involved.

2. Self-Service Checkout

While this system has already been implemented in various chains all around the world, it is expected to make its presence felt in India in 2018. We are to witness self-service ordering and checkouts. This will help in reducing wait-time, increase the speed of ordering and payment and will reduce the table turnover rate. NFC and the wallet payments are coming up a big way. NFC chip stocked inside credit cards for contactless payments are nothing new. But a slightly more recent- and admittedly more enticing use of NFC is with your smartphones, or even your smartwatch, as a way to digitize your entire wallet. We are hoping to see the use of these in the restaurant sector as well, which will automate the entire payment operation in your restaurant.

3. Tabletop Technology

Tabletop Technology, such as iPad, tablets can be easily mounted to the table. This will benefit both the customers and the operators. Such a technology will enable the customers to view the full menu, order food, play games, sign up for loyalty programs, post updates and photos on social media and pay their check. You can integrate these tabletop technologies with the existing POS systems and can provide data on customer behaviour.
In addition to this, there is a blooming hope that the restaurant sector will slowly move from the screens and go all screenless. Voice ordering and voice interface is going to come up in a big way, where the voice recorders will capture your order and will generate the KOT which will reach the kitchen. This will reduce the time involved in the entire process and will increase your table turnover time.

4. Coravin

The official launch of Coravin by Brindco sales Pvt Ltd has created a hype unlike any other in the wine world. This is something very new and has created a buzz in the F&B sector. Coravin, this new restaurant technology is the most transformational and exciting invention for wine lovers all around the world. Use this technology and pour wine from the bottle without removing the cork from the bottle.


5. Delivery Platforms

Delivery platforms have already gained a massive popularity and is one of the most out-there restaurant technology trends. And this in no way is about to cease. In 2018, we are to witness an, even more, greater demand for the various delivery platforms.

Food tech business is about to take over the traditional restaurants which will further strengthen partnerships with technologically app-based food delivery platforms to reach a wider consumer base. This will enable online food delivery to offer more value to consumers and build a loyal base that comes to their platform to fulfil their everyday food needs.

6. Customized Marketing

The year 2018 is expected to see an upsurge in specially customized and personalised Offers & Discounts being offered to customers.Offers has always worked well. But now, running specific offers according to the area and demography has always been a challenge for large restaurant chains. With the help of Enterprise Marketing Module, restaurants are now able to run special Marketing Campaigns at the outlet level.Restaurants can run specific Offers at different restaurants, depending on what works in that specific region. This high level of customization allows restaurants to optimise the Marketing Campaigns and generate better results.

Everyday new innovations are happening in the restaurant technology that would further improve operations and help the restaurants significantly. The year 2018 is also expected to bring out some interesting innovations and restaurant technology trends in the food and beverage sector.

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