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Trendy Footwear Styles for Her

From the medieval times, foots were started to get covered in order to avoid withering of them and then, it soon became essential for humans but now it has become most wannabe accessory in the women’s wardrobe. Materials used to make women footwear are leather, rubber, plastic, textiles, jute, metal and wood. Footwear helps us to provide comfort and protect our foot from doing different types of activities. Women have passion for footwear and they adore new styles, fashion and comfort.

Here are some really hot footwear from the market:

  1. Espadrilles:

These types of footwear are come in colorful varieties and we can also wear it for the casual purpose. The bottom part of the footwear sole is made of rope and the upper part is made of canvas.

(Pic Source - Fashion Eggplant)
(Pic Source – Fashion Eggplant)
  1. Flip Flops:

It is the casual type of footwear which has ‘Y’ shaped straps and gives a relaxing feeling to the toes. It comes in various designs and also bit top up done by addition of bling or anythings to make it trendier.

(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  1. Sandals:

 It is fairly simple and comfy slip ons and best suited for those scorching summer days as the feet tend to stay dry and cool. Also it comes in many varieties.

(Pic Source - Sa-beauty)
(Pic Source – Sa-beauty)
  1. Clogs:

In the earlier times it was made from wood but now the sole is made of soft leather and it is more wearable and gives comforts to the feet.

(Pic Source -
(Pic Source –
  1. Heels:

Almost every woman, in the world is passionate about heels and they come in wide range deep passion for heels: kitten heels, ankle strap heels, wedge heels and so on.

(Pic Source - Bhuchal)
(Pic Source – Bhuchal)

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