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Tubelight Trailer | Ft. Salman Khan | A Story of Love to His Family and Believe in Himself

Movie trailer is definitely a blockbuster, now lets wait for movie which will release on this Eid.

Movie is based on the backdrop of indo-china war. Two brothers of real life are playing reel life brothers (Salman khan and Sohail Khan). Kabir Khan, the director of movie pulled out a lot from Sohail Khan this time. You can expect Sohail khan to give him his best throw in this movie. It would be last movie of late Om Puri sir as he is no more now, but he had done a tremendous job. Om Puri sir would be missed forever. Character of Salman Khan is named Laxman Singh Bisht but he’s been mocked as tube-light as he comprehends things slowly. His brother Bharat is the only person who believes and respects him. Bharat goes missing in war. Movie is plotted on the event of laxman finding his brother. His hope and belief that his brother will return back soon and if not then he will stop the war to get him back.

The punchline “Kya tumhe yakin hai” which in comes like “do you believe you can do this” is the based on the struggle of Laxman getting back his lost brother in war. Few mysterious characters have appeared. The Chinese kid and his expectant mother, who may can be the heroine of the movie. Zeeshan Ayyub has been also spotted in strong look in the trailer of 2:23min.

You will feel disappointed if you are expecting Salman to be as masculine and heroic as he was in his some of his last movies.

Altogether this is story of two brothers, their bonding and love, truth and believes. It will touch the emotional strings of your heart.

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