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UFO/Aliens Spotted Between us

Our universe is vast and there are numerous theories that prevail on our earth.

Firstly, we are alone on Universe and we are not alone on the Universe. If we believe, the 2nd one that we have some pals outside Earth, though it sounds freaky but we got to have some concrete facts for it to prove this. Here they are :

  • In June 1965, when Ed white and James McDivitt were going over Hawaii on the spaceship called Gemini, they spotted a strange metallic object which is never seen by them. They say it has long arms those were sticking to it and saying Hi to them. Sounds Freaky ….


  • There are numerous incidences of near collision with UFOs. A veteran pilot said he spotted a delta shaped object right for them and when they diverted, it vanished.
  • The Taylor Encounter – a pretty instating fable, Robert Taylor, a forester traveled to forest along with his dog on 5th November 1979, to check the saplings he plants long time ago. But what he saw was incredible, a large spherical ship landed in front of them and when the door opened, it passed some poisonous gas. It made Robert to sleep for many hours and when he woke up his dog was barking and he was feeling terrible.

Immediately, he contacted Police Headquarters nearby and they have seen some unexplained imprints in the forest.

  • The Wow Signal, Jerry Ehman in 1977, encrypted some signal which he said to be WOW signal .He was a volunteer researcher and on 15 August, he spotted unusual signal, 6EQUJ5, He grabbed a red pen and discovered that the signal is coming from 220 million light years, and that was incredible. After receiving the signal , the first word that came into his mind and on paper as well was WOW.. So, the name was given “Wow Signal”. Scientist is still baffled that how signals like this will come from so far without use of advanced technology.


  • Area 51 : US Air Force faculty , scientist Boyd Bushman spilled the beans of Area 51,before dying and also shown the picture of an alien. It is situated 85 miles north Las Vegas and people say they US military is actually working the aliens. The technology exchange is in progress with the aliens in Area 51.They also die in the premises and they have a proper colony where they live.area-51

In this manner, there are number of places where UFOs can be like in spotted, even I remember someone telling me that his plane was flying over Dallas and suddenly some Alien – (this is what he thought) was sitting on the wing of the plane and it was night full of lightning and thunderstorm. Really, some things are beyond Science.

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