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Underrated Bollywood Movies You Should Watch Right Now (Part-1)

Every year we flock to multiplexes to catch our favourite stars do the same old slapstick formula movies like Dilwale, Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg and Ready (the list is endless), over and over and over again. And mind you, they never disappoint us because they deliver exactly what they promise – hopeless masala movies!

However, every now and then, there comes some quality cinema to bring the sanity back in your life. And there’s no dearth of such quality movies in Bollywood either. It’s just that we don’t get to hear much about them because of the marketing gimmicks of mainstream commercial movies, which these underrated ones can’t generally afford.

1. Masaan (2015)

Masaan follows two separate story arcs in the town of Varanasi that eventually converge. One follows the journey of Devi (Richa Chadha), who has to deal with the loss of her boyfriend and overcome the guilt she feels for his death. The second follows the journey of Deepak (Vicky Kaushal), who comes from a family that burns funeral pyres at the Varanasi ghats. The film was highly appreciated by critics and won a few awards at Cannes Film Festival as well.

2. Ankhon Dekhi (2013)

Ankhon Dekhi, directed by Rajat Kapoor, is a bittersweet tale of a man who has an epiphany and decides that he will only believe what he sees with his own eyes. Sanjay Mishra has given a flawless performance in this one as the patriarch of a middle class family living in Old Delhi.

3. Titli (2015)

In the badlands of Delhi’s underbelly, Titli, the youngest member of a violent car-jacking brotherhood, plots a desperate bid to escape the ‘family’ business which is shady as hell. His schemes are thwarted by his unruly brothers, who marry him off against his will. But Titli finds an unlikely ally in his new wife, Neelu, who nurtures her own frustrated dreams. What happens next will suck you into Titli’slife!

4. Filmistaan (2014)

Filmistaan is the story of a filmy man from India who is mistakenly kidnapped and made to cross the border while shooting a film. Even when he’s being held hostage in Pakistan, his only hope for survival is Hindi films. This film received a National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

5. Chittagong (2012)

Chittagong, directed by Bedabrata Pain, is based on British India’s Chittagong uprising. The film stars Manoj Bajpai in the lead role. It garnered positive reviews from critics and won the National Film Award for the Best Debut Film by a Director.

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